The following rules and guidelines are set forth for the safety and convenient of members, staff and others. Please take the time to carefully read and fully understand the safety protocols and regulations. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  1. Only players, referees, coaches, and substitute players are allowed inside the field.
  2. No food or drinks allowed inside the field.
  3. USE only proper indoor soccer shoes and ball.
  4. DO NOT hang on to the net and goal post.
  5. Spectators stay 3 feet behind the safety net.
  6. DO NOT practice or roll the ball in the waiting and office area.
  7. DO NOT shoot the ball against the red safety pads around the field as practice.
  8. Use our parking facility on the roof accessible from the ramp on the left side of the building (ask our staff for the access code to open the automatic gate) or use street
  9. DO NOT  use our parking area for soccer practice.
  10. DO NOT use any neighbor’s private parking for cars or soccer practice or simply hang out place(loitering). Cars will be towed without notice.
  11. Inform our office of any damage to our facility/equipments such as field surface, safety pads, safety nets, graffiti or any suspicious activity etc…..(please DO NOT attempt to fix the damage or solve the problem yourself).
  12. Respect your practice time, begin and end practice at the specified time scheduled.
  13. Keep the entire facility clean by collecting your trash, empty bottles, leftover foods and other disposables and toss them into the trash or recycle bin provided.
  14. We reserve our rights to refuse the service to anyone.
  15. We will charge for any missing appointment unless notified 2 days in advance.
  16. Payment is expected before your appointment time.

**For available times or upcoming events check our website at www.futsal4all.la or  contact Edwin at: 818-861-7779 or futsal4all.la@gmail.com

** contact us for any questions, comments and concerns.

Office: 818-861-7779
Edwin: 818-390-3237
Ali: 213-305-0117                                                   

Phone: (818) 390-3237
Burbank, CA 91502
904 N Lake St